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Who We Are

Open Content for Development (OC4D) is the product of Community Development Network (based in Oxford, UK, with a network of consultants around the globe). CDN shares critical content for developing countries (e.g. ProLiteracy Worldwide, based in New York with 85 local NGO partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Middle East). Access & Share Tools Today!

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What We Do

OC4D promotes worldwide access to critical information and training materials designed to improve problem solving. OC4D is a repository of open (non-commercial, shareable, localizable) educational resources (OER) containing basic education tools created by locals for locals in developing countries.

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How You Can Help

Use, share, and localize our existing ProLiteracy content and submit your own work. Together we are building an important open resource of training materials for the developing world. OC4D sustains communities by bolstering capacity of non-formal educators through a participatory, continuously growing, digital library.

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This site is dedicated to providing easy access to existing ProLiteracy codes and provide a collaborative environment where people can share and contribute back new codes.

Please share back your LOCALIZED content by email: